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Jon Stewart makes fun of Kansas

and calls Kansas flat and boring.

This is more proof that Jon Stewart is God is false and that the TV writers are on strike.  He shouldn’t make fun of Kathleen. He should join her. 🙂

But Stewart didn’t let Democrats off easy either. Kathleen Sebelius, the Governor of Kansas, Stewart called Kansas Governor Kathleen Sebelius’s response “flat and boring” and said that her “lack of human-ness” meshed perfectly with her Borg-ish message to the President to unite with Democrats (she says “join us” at least 4 times). Most insultingly, however, Sebelius implied that no one outside the “heartland” honors and respects troops.

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It’s also basketball time!

I would like to point out that the Kansas Jayhawks are 20-0 with 15-0 record on blowouts (19+ points). They are ranked second in the country.

I would also like to point out that they are playing Kansas State tonight who are ranked 22nd.

Update: The game can be watched on the internet at for free.


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It’s football time!

African Football! The 26th MTN African Cup of Nations Tournament, sharing passions at the centre of the World.

Four new stadiums have been built for it, in Accra, Kumasi, Sekondi and Tamali, Ghana. They hold 120,000 seats total.

The tickets are 75 cents, 15 cents, and 4 cents (Ghana currency)

It’s actually a soccer tournament.

Does ESPN or ESPN2 cover this event?

The LOC welcomes all football loving people to the 26th MTN Africa Cup of Nations Ghana 2008. 4 new stadia have been built for the purpose and are located as follows:
Accra : Ohene Djan Stadium with a capacity of 40,000 all seated
Kumasi : Baba Yara Stadium with a capacity of 40,000 all seated
Sekondi : Sekondi Sports Stadium with a capacity of 20,000
Tamale : Tamale Sports Stadium with a capacity of 20,000s

Host Cities

Accra will host Group A : Ghana, Guinea, Namibia and Morocco
Kumasi will host Group C : Egypt, Cameroon, Sudan and Zambia
Sekondi will host Group B : Nigeria, Ivory Coast, Mali and Benin
Tamale will host Group D : Tunisia, Senegal, South Africa and Angola

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State of the Union Address

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Baby Benjamin Franklin three hundred years ago

Three hundred years ago Benjamin Franklin had his second Birthday  (b. Jan 17, 1706).  Baby Ben lives in a small house in Boston on Milk street. His dad, Josiah, is fifty years old. Josiah thinks about two things – his trade (making candles and soap) and his God. The Franklin’s church is directly across the street, and Josiah’s small shop (8 ft big) is on the same lot as the church. Josiah applied for membership to the old South Church in ’85, and accepted as a full member in ’94 after the usual 9 year probationary period. There are very few full church members in Boston at this time.

Josiah’s first wife is dead. Her name was Ann, and she died in ’89 in childbirth to her seventh child.  Baby Benjamin’s half brothers and sisters are Elizabeth (age 29), Samuel (27), and Hannah, who is now Hannah Cole (24) by marriage (the same name as my daughter!). These were Ann and Josiah’s children that they had in Banbury, England. After Ann and Josiah moved to Massachussets -they had four more – Josiah Jr (22) who’s wrestlessness caused  him to go to sea. Junior never returned, so we assume he is dead. Anne is 20. Baby Joseph 1 died 5 days after he was born. Both Mother Ann and baby Joseph 2 died in ’89. Ann was 34 at the time.

Benjamin’s mom is Abiah. She is 40 years old now. Josiah marries this very godly, discreet, virtuous, healthy, and beautiful  woman also in ’89. Abiah’s mother was an indentured servant who was bought for 20 pounds by Peter Folger who later married her. Peter Folger, Ben’s grandfather, is a man of all trades (teacher, surveyer, weaver, miller, clerk) who knows Indian languages and interprets between Indians and whites.

Baby Benjamin’s full brothers and sisters are John (17), Ben’s favorite, who is going to be Boston’s postmaster,  Peter (16), Mary (13), James (10) who is going to be Ben’s least favorite, and Sarah (8). Baby Ebenezer died in ’03 in an accident in the bath – “he was drowned in a tub of suds”. Eb was eighteen months old. Thomas also has a four year old brother named Thomas.  He will also have two younger sisters, Lydia (born in ’08 and Jane born in ’12). I have a feeling that his dad wanted to stop with Ben, because Benjamin is last of Israel’s twelve sons and the most beloved, but 18th century birth control was not that great! He even ran out of Bible names for the last one – Jane. Josiah started having babies in the 70s and did not stop having babies until the teens!

We really don’t know much about Ben’s second birthday besides that he did not have his own bedroom and had an excess of older brothers and sisters to play with. Benjamin Franklin would grow up to be one of the founders of the United States of America, and we always remember him as an old guy. In January 08, he was a little guy!


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“end racism, gender inequality, poverty and war” that’s what I am talking about!

 Why can’t the Republican or Democrats get their  priorities straight? Why can’t the Christian Church realize that these are key issues in the Kingdom of God platform?

In 7 words Martin Luther King III summed it up.

King’s son urges an end to racial tensions at school

“It’s time to move past having a dream and start realizing the dream,” King said.

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Faith and Modernisation at the World Economic Forum

 This forum features Tony Blair as host and took place today at the World Economic Forum in Davos.

The Panelists are:

  • Abdullah Ahmad Badawi, Prime Minister of Malaysia
  • Mahdi Hadavi, Founder and President, Porch of Wisdom Cultural Institution, Islamic Republic of Iran
  • David A. Harris, Executive Director, American Jewish Committee, USA
  • Theodore Cardinal McCarrick, Archbishop of Washington DC (2001-2006), USA
  • Rick Warren, Author, Saddleback Church, USA

I watched the Rick Warren part that starts at 40:15. He answers the question “why faith?” and  asks “can we not all get along?” because good work is good work regardless of the motivations behind it. Warren believes that religious groups have an existing global network that has been entrenched for centuries that can be used for PEACE

P – promote reconciliation

E – Equip Ethical Leaders

A – Assist the Poor

C – Care for the sick

E – Educate the next generation

There is a three minute video at the beginning introducing the subject and then each of the panelists speak starting with the Malaysian Prime Minister.

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Free Text Books on the Internet

This is mainly geared to the college students in my life.

Check out:

FreeLoad Press

whose tagline is “Students spend $900 per year on textbooks. We propose they spend $0.” In exchange for ads they let you download your text books. 

to get classic texts not in copyright.


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Kevin Connolly – legless artist

He photographs people all over the world staring at him.

Specifically, Connolly is interested in the seemingly instinctual reaction of staring at something that doesn’t fit into a person’s normal day-to-day existence.

A Legless Artist Documents the World in 32,000 Stares

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Mozambique is flooding

If water levels continue to rise, over a million people may be affected. 50,000 people have been displaced. Peak water levels from the 2007 flooding (which I blogged about) has already been surpassed.

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