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Christmas 100 years ago – December 25, 1909

East Coast Christmas in 1909 is unique  to Christmas 2009 in that both Christmas’s had huge 20 inch snow storms before them! New York City was caught completely by surprise and the city was not ready to clear the streets of the snow. The broadway theater crowd got out of their plays and found that public transportation was not moving. They spent Christmas Eve stuck on trolleys and trains or Manhatten hotel rooms. There was an 86 year old crazy lady who escaped from a Sanitorium by car, and everyone was concerned about her driving ability in the snow. Twelve people died in weather related accidents. Mark Twain’s 29 year old daughter, Jean,  died on Christmas Eve. She had an epeleptic fit and was discovered dead, drowned in the bathtub,  by the maid. Mark Twain (also known as Samuel Clemens)  was to die in 1910 (with Haley’s comet) in April at age 75, outliving his wife, and all his children except for one married daughter in Europe. The big New York City news item of the day was a huge strike by girl clothing makers. Twenty thousand  girls were striking for a 52 hour work week, and a raise in their 8 cents an hour pay, and the right to unionize, and to be paid as much men (equal pay for equal work). Another item everybody was following was a guy named Frederick  Cook, who said he had reached the North Pole, but nobody believed him, so he had a nervous breakdown.

Most of this information was gotten from reading the front pages on the New York Times for December 1909.

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Review of Taken

The movie “Taken” is out on DVD, and I watched it this weekend.  Five Stars.

Taken and Liam Neeson does the same thing for being a super dad, that Airforce One and Harrison Ford did for being a good president. I hate human trafficking, especially when it is in my backyard, and I can totally understand why someone like this ex-spy dad would yield the baseball bat and start knocking off the bad guys to rescue his innocent daughter who is kidnapped from under her Hotel French bed! Mostly, he just inflicts “flesh wounds”. It is a very well researched entertaining movie about the world we actually live in today. I strongly recommend this good dad movie to anyone who is mad about the modern human slave trade and/or raising a teenage daughter.

It is violent and contains strong language.

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Practical things to do about human trafficking

Be on the lookout for signs of human trafficking such as underage children working in restaurants, massage parlors, etc. If you suspect that human trafficking is happening in your neck of the woods call this anti-trafficking  hotline number – 888-3737-888 to report it. This is implemented by the Polaris Project and paid for by the U.S. Department of Health and Human Services. If you do this to tell me what happens! (email me or leave a comment below)

Avoid buying stuff made by slaves. You may need to do internet research to do this (see next step). Now a lot of grocery stores sell FAIR TRADE chocolate and coffee and other food items, sometimes located in the organic food section. The FAIR TRADE label is a guarantee by a third party that the product was not made using slave labor. I just bought a bag of fair trade coffee from The Daily Audio Bible.

Buy local food when possible. Gretchen and I buy food from a local farmer – pay for it in the winter and then get it in the  Spring, Summer, and Fall directly from them.

Set up news alerts for human trafficking and your city or county using google news search.

Inform your friends about modern day slavery. There are tens of millions of slaves in our global market place, producing products that we buy, and over a million sex slaves, mainly women and children,  in the global sex trade. All of this needs to be ended now.

Here are sites for more information: (Gretchen’s post)

more tips and trafficking news:

That should get you started! I am drinking a Mexican coca-cola from the local corner Mexican grocery store and it is refresco! Its in one of those old fashioned glass bottles and the Mexicans have better coke than the US does! Do not overlook tiny food stores that might be in your own very neighborhood, on the way to your supermart!

Best wishes in changing the world!

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