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Bible Book Names on Jeopardy

“Bible Book Names” in Double Jeopardy on 10/29/2010.
$400 7 letters:Phil Collins,Mike Rutherford,Tony Banks
$800 4 letters:Of a drama,of contrition,of mercy
$1200 10 letters: OMG! [Oh my God!] We learned Amy was Fabio’s long-lost sister! & that’s the only item we uncovered! The sole singular one!

(this was a triple stumper!)
$1600 12 letters: Why?! Why didn’t I buy Microsoft when it hit the market in 1986?! & wearing that speedo?! What was I thinking?!
$2000 6 letters:Learned hand, Joseph Crater (once “the most missingest man in America”)

answers tomorrow unless someone wishes to clean out the category!


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