Children playing on the Lion and the Lamb

A stuffy Philadelphia Art Critic is getting all huffy about a proposed sculpture installation of the Peaceable Kingdom (famous paintings done by Edward Hicks, a nineteenth century Quaker minister and folk artist) in Aviator Park, part of Logan’s Park in Philadelphia.

He says it is a desecration of a celebrated religious parable and:

I find it impossible to reconcile the intense spirituality of Peaceable Kingdom with the playground goofiness of Crying Giant

Philadelphia Inquirer August 3, H12

I disagree. Children playing on the Lion and the Lamb is not inconsistent with the message of the Peaceable Kingdom.  “A Child Shall lead them”.

Here is a video of Tom Otterness’s work, the artist who is doing the sculptures:



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3 responses to “Children playing on the Lion and the Lamb

  1. Tamara

    I think its gross to let a dog killer like Otterness do this park. How disgusting a man with no regard for life other than his own personal pretend to know what a place where people and animals mingles is. His idiotic looking playskool rip-off art loves to make fun of money but he is BIGGEST free money from the government whore there is. He is a joke in so many ways that this commission is so desperate to thrown millions this guy’s way makes me wonder how much he has promised to kick back. Find a non-blood covered artist for this, how about a PA artist? How about someone not into murdering an innocent puppy to film for fun- why is this so hard for those people to find?

  2. Tamara,

    Tom Otterness is very sorry for killing that dog 30 (210 dog) years ago.

  3. Tamara

    I see the same words and they do not convince me sorry. He has done nothing but release words when big commissions are at stake. He has done nothing real (to him that means parting with his precious government free money to the tune of millions) to actually give back to animals. I do not believe him and I do not like tax dollars being funneled to such a detestable person. I hope they cannot find funding for such a disgusting person -find another non killing artist. How about help people who never found it fun to kill? Oh yes he will issue an email again and again, let’s see him actually DO something than just emails.

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